Rolling Prairie District
4-H Clubs in Rolling Prairie District

4-H>clover - bullet Flint Hill Boosters
Club Leaders - Angie Town
& Liz Hendrichs

4-H>clover - bullet Grenola Jayhawers
Club Leader - Charlie Ellis & Angie Wilson

4-H>clover - bullet Longton Boosters
Club Leader - Aimee Cook

4-H>clover - bullet Moline Shining Star
Club Leaders - Michael Hogan
& Carla Hilton

4-H>clover - bullet Cedar Vale Go-Getters
Club Leader - Freda Speer & Aaron Magnus

4-H>clover - bullet Prairie Pride
Club Leader - Amy Goode, Donnie Underwood & Rebecca Kunath

4-H>clover - bullet Sedan Willing Workers
Club Leader - Sherry Miller & Danya Thorne

4-H Record Books

4-H Record Books are due in the Extension Office by Thursday, September 25!

Here are links to forms needed to be completed by September 25.

4-H Records

4-H Form Filler Records

Project Leader Report

Club Summary Report

Achievement Award Items Due

4-H Club Day

4-H Club Day Information

The 2015 Rolling Prairie 4-H Club Day will be Saturday, February 21 at West Elk High School.

4-H>clover - bullet Basics of 4-H Club Day-- Powerpoint slides about 4-H Club Day.(PDF File)

4-H>clover - bulletGavel Games -- Information about 4-H Gavel Games.  (PDF File)

4-H>clover - bullet 4-H Club Day Guidelines -- An overview of all categories of events at Club Day and requirements of each. (PDF file)

4-H>clover - bullet 4-H Club Day Tips -- Presentations and Posters Tips. (PDF file)

4-H>clover - bulletFoods Demonstration Workshop Handout -- (PDF File)

4-H>clover - bullet2015 4-H Club Day Entry Form -- (PDF File)